Finding Your Voice in Education

Finding Your Voice in Education

I’ve noticed this theme of encouraging educators to find their voices and speak their truths seeping into the work of the last few days.

Pasi Sahlberg was clear on this in his FreshEd Podcast from earlier in 2017 – What are the Hard Questions on Global Education Change?



Pasi suggests that learning to communicate our ideas clearly to others is essential to making change happen.  His students learn to write op ed pieces that are widely read in the media.

And then there is Sunil Singh’s lament on the state of mathematics in schools, and the multitude of attempts to change the curriculum to one that values children as mathematical thinkers.  He points out that mathematical change HAS happened on social media and outside of schools, yet schools remain resistant.



So in this place where voices seem not to penetrate, how do we do our work?

One of the Tweets in early 2018 that intrigued me was from inviting people to start podcasting.


Are education leaders listening to podcasts?  Some are.  The point is, finding your voice needs to happen first.  Knowing that you are the one who needs to speak out on how our education systems need to progress is the first step.  Finding a medium that works for you is important, then crafting a message that is meaningful to those who can make change happen comes next.

Begin with a conversation.  Our children need your voice.


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